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  Hal Harding

Shaking Hands

36 years of experience in helping you resolve parenting plans, property, debt and support issues without operating in Court.

Services Offered

Traditional Mediation

I offer traditional mediation in which two parties meet with the mediator, either separately or together to first identify what must be resolved and what the facts are that relate to those questions.  When that information is assembled, the mediator facilitates problem solving to find and reach solutions to the questions that need resolution.  In traditional mediation, sessions are usually not longer than 1.5 hours, and a number of sessions may be necessary.  In traditional divorce mediation, the parties work though custody, parenting time, and support of children, division of their assets (including retirement plans) and debts, and spousal support.


Mediation Coaching

When the parties are engaged in mediation with another mediator, one party may use our services to get “ready” for the mediation, and to be better prepared to participate in the mediation.


Settlement Conferences

In the settlement conference, the mediator facilitates a process which includes each party’s attorney.  Although the parties are free to design the process that appeals to them, often each party is in a separate room with her/his attorney and the mediator shuttles back and forth in a continuing attempt to “put an agreement together”.



Where parties do not wish to participate in mediation, but do not want to take their disagreement to Court, arbitration is available. In arbitration, each participant presents her point of view and the reasons for it, and the arbitrator decides what should happen.


Reference Judge

I am approved as a reference judge in Benton County.  This means that if the parties agree, I am approved to serve as a judge with the same powers that one of our three local circuit judges have to decide a case. 


Legal Document


I routinely prepare the legal documents which finalize an agreement and submit them to the Court.  The requirements of the Court are much more exacting now than they were in the past, and in order to make sure that an agreement is fully legal operational, the correct documents need to be prepared in the correct way and submitted to the right Court with the required filing fee.