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  Hal Harding

Shaking Hands

36 years of experience in helping you resolve parenting plans, property, debt and support issues without operating in Court.


Because we work at our regular hourly rates, the cost of mediation depends upon the number and depth of the issues, the level of conflict that exists between the parties  and whether the parties want me to prepare and submit documents to the Court.  The cost of the process is also impacted  if the parties agree that retirement plans will be divided.  Filing fees with the Court have now increased to around $300 in dissolution of marriage.

For people who need to work through custody, parenting time and support of children and asset and debt division, file their agreement with the Court and obtain a judgment dissolving their marriage, the cost often ranges from $1500 to $3,500, and is usually paid one half by each party.  No retainer is requested and each party is sent a statement for one half of the work at the end of each month.  Surely this cost is not insignificant; however, compared with divorce which is litigated in the traditional way, the cost of a successful mediation is significantly less than the traditional adversary process.