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  Hal Harding

Shaking Hands

36 years of experience in helping you resolve parenting plans, property, debt and support issues without operating in Court.

Mediation is a voluntary process in which related parties meet  with an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator with the goal of reaching consensus on an area of disagreement.  Separating or divorcing parties use mediation to privately work out arrangements for parenting of children, support, and division of assets and liabilities.  Business partners use mediation to
resolve the issues that arise from ending their partnership.  Family members use mediation to resolve differences that arise in estate matters.

Mediation is not therapy or counseling, nor is mediation a method of attempting to “put a marriage back together”, but rather a process of working through differences in order that the participants can put their legal issues behind them,  and get on with their lives. 

Unlike Court or arbitration, mediation is not a compulsory process, and the mediator does not decide issues for the participants.  Because the mediator is knowledgeable and experienced, different approaches to solving a particular problem may be suggested, but it is the parties, not the mediator, that controls outcome.

In mediation, all of the discussions occur privately and the parties decide the timing of their process.